Traditional Garden Gnomes

Looking for a way to add character to your garden or yard? Look no further! Browse our vast range of garden gnomes, and you are sure to find something that will make a perfect match with your unique personality, style, and outdoor space. 

At Garden Lovers Club, we pride ourselves on a wide selection of authentically and uniquely crafted garden gnomes. Here you will find affordable and adorable figures and faces to enliven your outdoor area, whether it's a garden, lawn, or backyard. 

Looking for a felicitous fisherman? Check out Ziggy, whose relaxed posture and ear-to-ear grin will brighten up any space with his carefree expression and eternal summer aura. Trying to find a little pal with a jolly work ethic (perhaps to give the kids get the idea that working hard can be fun)? Check out Barney, whose rosy smile and pleasant countenance are indefatigable -- despite the two buckets he carries from a log across his back. Wishing you could find something with just a hint of cheekiness to provide that subtle punch of comic flavor? Loonie Moonie is sure to do just that with his innocent (but almost edgy) pose. 

These are just a few examples of the many garden gnomes we provide. We even offer gnomes with welcome signs, comical characters with grumpy admonishments, contemplative trolls, hammocking snoozers, cheerful flower-potters, stately grandpas, and book nerds. Adopting one of these special characters will surely add a fun -- and unforgettable -- flavor to your outdoor living space.
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